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Neurological Disorder Program

Our skilled services start with a thorough initial evaluation where we discuss and assess the patient's specific needs so we can provide a personalized physical rehabilitation program. We examine your movement, strength, flexibility, function, balance, and muscle tone.

It's important for us also to work closely with your doctor and any other healthcare providers so we can achieve your specific goals in a timely manner.

The physical therapists at Prime Orthopedic Rehabilitation can help increase your strength and coordination to help lower your risk of falling and injury during daily activities, such as when you walk up or down stairs, use the bathroom, or exercise. In each case, we will conduct a personalized evaluation of your condition and then we will develop an individualized treatment plan.

Our physical therapy team uses a variety of treatment techniques and modalities including:

Adaptive equipment for safe & successful return to sports and recreation
Assistive device fitting & training
Education and training in compensatory strategies to recover function
Gait Training with use of assistive equipment/devices
Neuromuscular re-education
Seating assessment and wheelchair instruction
Splinting, bracing and the use of specialized therapy equipment
Therapeutic exercise and balance activities

Common Diagnoses We Work With Include:

Central Nervous System Disorders
Balance Dysfunction and Gait disorders
Vertigo / BPPV
Muscle Atrophy
Nerve Injuries
Stroke Rehab
Peripheral neuropathy
Multiple Sclerosis
Louie Body Syndrome